World Nordic Walking Day
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World Nordic Walking Day

This May, LEKI celebrates 70 years in walking pole innovation in time for World Nordic Walking Day.

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World Nordic Walking Day takes place on 19 and 20 May this year. Organised by the International Nordic Walking Federation, thousands of people are expected to take to the streets, trails and paths to promote the health benefits of this growing trend.

Since its conception in 1948, LEKI has been researching and manufacturing high performance walking poles. In the early 2000s this experience enabled LEKI to combine technologies from Cross Country Ski poles and Trekking poles to develop its first Nordic Walking poles with LEKI’s Trigger 1 grip.

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“Over the last 15 years, LEKI has designed and produced millions of Nordic Walking poles and their popularity isn’t waning as it still represents a huge one fifth of our overall business,” says Michael Brechtelsbauer, International Sales Manager at Leki.  “We believe that LEKI remains one of the last pure pole brands still believing and investing in Nordic Walking.” 

What is Nordic Walking?
Nordic Walking is a natural enhancement to walking using specifically designed Nordic Walking poles in a learned technique. It’s a fluid, faster, more dynamic style of walking that uses the entire body to propel the walker. Watch LEKI’s video here.

What’s the history?
There are many theories behind the conception of Nordic Walking. Although there is consensus that it originated in Finland. Nordic Walking UK believes it began in the thirties when “super fit competitive cross-country skiers” started to use their poles during off season training. Popularity grew in the nineties, and the activity was introduced to the UK in the early 2000s; with the first classes being held in south west London.

Who does it?
Nordic Walking is the “fastest growing fitness activity in the world” according to Nordic Walking UK. There are estimates that more than ten million people globally enjoy it all year round. Hundreds of social groups across the country have sprung up to encourage people to take up the sport, learn the technique and to offer companionship.

And why?
Nordic walking is a complete body walk out that can burn up to 46 per cent more calories than walking alone. It works and tones both the upper as well as the lower body muscles, yet takes pressure off the joints and knees and is recommended by the NHS for people of all ages and fitness levels.

What’s different about Nordic walking poles?
Nordic walking poles have a smaller diameter grip than trekking poles as the poles are planted angled backwards and then pushed behind the hip to give forward propulsion. The hand opens, much the same way you will see with a cross country skier, and the special strap holds the pole in the correct position for when the pole is pulled forward for the next plant.

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Why use LEKI products?
LEKI’s Nordic Walking poles stand out from the competition due to their investment in research and technology to ensure outstanding comfort and easy handling. Spare parts are readily available so if poles are damaged they can be easily repaired to prolong their life, and give many years of good service.

One of LEKI’s most popular Nordic Walking Poles is their unisex Spin Speed Lock – with high strength aluminium shafts, these durable poles are easily adjusted between 100cm to 130cm in length.

The new LEKI Smart Tip is a true multi-terrain marvel with a classy design for extra fun while Nordic Walking. The slip-proof pad ensures good traction on pavement surfaces and the integrated, telescopic carbide tip provides steady hold on meadows, mud and snow. It also features an improved pad profile and tool-less pad change.

LEKI Trigger Shark 2.0
LEKI’s innovative Trigger Shark technology offers a glove-integrated strap with LEKI’s revolutionary ‘Trigger Loop’ added. This enables walkers to quickly and easily click in and out, giving maximum security and power transmission as well as outstanding comfort.

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